These are the key projects our products have been used for over the years.

SURFREEF for Rif010, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

We have designed and visualized the multiple reef break for Rif010 currently under development in Rotterdam.

SurfBank Cronulla, Australia

We have designed in cooperation with local companies and authorities an offshore SurfBar generating a perfect A frame on a beach where waves are normally closing out. In the distance you can see the dredger that's been dumping sand slowly forming the SandBar. In the foreground you can see the results.


Surfbank Scheveningen, The netherlands

A huge beach nourishment was planned for Scheveningen Beach to protect the Dutch coast from ocean level rise. These beach nourishments often destroy the surf. We modified the design of the beach nourishment resulting in a (for Dutch conditions) epic righthander. In the distance you can see the dregder taking sand to the beach for the huge nourishment. In the foreground you can see the results.

Surfreef calibration, delft university of technology

We have validated our cdf models in the fluidmechanics laboratory of Delft University of Technology, resulting in valuables models to be used for our products. Above (upper panels) you can see three snapshots of waves breaking over a reef in a scale model, the lower panels show the computed results (modeled and visualized) over the same reef.