SurfReefs designs and visualizes reefs for inland surf pools. We design reefs with multiple breaks, so letting one wave break two or even three times, getting the most out of the waves. After the design we visualize the results so the clients know exactly what waves they get.We designed and visualized the reef for the Rif010 SurfPool currently under development in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This video shows a computer simulation of the actual water motion of the Rif010 SurfPool. Solving for the underlying Navier/Stokes mathematical equations of the fluid flow with the results rendered into the actual environment for added visual realism. To put this into perspective, the simulation of these dynamics are accomplished on a supercomputer performing approximately 5 trillion operations per second, continuously for 24 hours, just to solve the math. The result is an extremely high-realism simulation of the SurfPool under development at the Steigersgracht canal in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.